"Solarhaven2 Dog and Cat Rescue"

- Saving dogs and cats from starving on the streets of
our village in Amelco Nuevo in the State of Veracruz, Mexico

- Providing them a secure and loving forever home

- We have had an average of four to five dogs and two cats for the last twelve years -
at present we have seven dogs and three cats.  We have rescued a total of twelve dogs
and five cats since coming to Mexico twelve years ago

- Food and veteranry costs for seven dogs and three cats are now more than
our smallish fixed income
can manage. 

Our rescue dogs eat FOUR 25 kilo (55 pound)
bags of kibble per month.

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"Our Dogs Regular Swims"

"The Daily Walks/Romps"

A Rescue Story

"Red Dog"


Red Dog belonged to a destitute family of seven who had moved into an abandoned shack next door to us. They didn't have enough to feed Red nor themselves either.  After about a week, they suddenly disappeared one night and never came back.  They left Red tied on a short lead to a tree without food or water.  He howled and barked in misery.  We gave him food and water, of course, but by the forth day with no sign of his family, it was just too painful to see him suffer like this. We untied him and brought him home to live with us. 

He was skin and bones but ate like a horse and began to gain weight and grow taller immediately.  He was ridden with parasites and we gave him a worming shot the first day.  Mindy who was a science major said he had enough different kinds of parasites to supply a parisitology class with lab materials for a full semester. 

Red was just as starved for attention and snuggling with us and wiggled his way into our hearts in short order! He still thinks he is a little lap dog, and nothing will persuade him to the contrary.  Our other dogs quickly accepted Red and he became one of the gang almost from the start.  No one barks with more excitement when it's time for a walk than Red.  He and our youngest dog, Tyson, became best buds and play so beautifully together.  See fun video of them. 

About three weeks after we had adopted Red, his old family showed up and asked if we had seen their dog.  Red was standing right next to us. The mother said in astonishment, "Is THAT our dog"?! after we pointed out Red to them.  He had nearly doubled his weight and size by then.  They asked if we would adopt him and continue to care for him.  "Yeah, FOR SURE" we answered.  They said they did love Red but admitted they just could not afford to feed or care for him properly.  They thanked us, and there were some hugs and tears before they left.


cat Rescue
- We have rescued several cats over the years

- Presently we have three cats two of which were left on our door step as tiny kittens. 
Months later a neighbor confessed to leaving the kittens and
esplained that the kitten's mother had died trying to nurse her litter.

Our adoptees - past and present
- a photo ablum -

Rescue a dog from the streets and give him a forever home
that other dogs have only dreamed of - a win-win situation for all.

Give your dog your heart
 And he will give you his.

- Josh Groban, auther of "Marly and Me"


2018 by Jim and Mindy Phypers