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Jim and Mindy Phypers have lived in a small, rural village in the State of Veracruz, Mexico,
for the past twelve years. 

Our "SolarHaven2" project in Mexico is based on the same ideals of living simply and sustainability as our Solar Haven project in Arizona. Jim's failing health required moving to the warmer and more temperate climate of the State of Veracruz in southern Mexico.

We have run a small non-profit, volunteer program here dedicated to helping the more disadvantaged in our community. We also have been active in tutoring kids after school in subjects they are not doing well in.  We also home-schooled three children for half a year who's family could not afford to send them to school.

Mindy has offered a few English classes for the kids, but they were not quite as enthusiastic about attending as their mothers who had signed them up.  Note the two boys climbing up the metal gate and proparing to escape.

 (VIDEO: "Adventures in teaching the kids of our village")

We have taken more than 16,000 photographs and videos in the past twelve years of what life is like here.  We also have taken more pictures of our five dogs and two cats as most parents have of their own children.  See our "Life in our Village" page with its many photographs or our "solarhaven2" channel on YouTube with it's approximately 80 videos showing village life as well as our very special, four-legged fur family

- Solarhaven2 Products -

Recently we have developed a line of products which show beautiful images both of the "Old Mexico" visitors seldom see as well as of our wonderful cats and dogs (with captions) who have been our constant companions.

Your purchase will help support our efforts to educate underprivileged children in our village
in Veracruz, Mexico as well as
to help with the costs of food and verternary care for
our seven rescue dogs and three rescue cats.
Since coming to Mexico we have adopted/rescued eleven dogs --
see photos and a short story of each one.

The following Solarhaven2 Products are now available:

spiral notebooks -- greeting cards -- tote bags -- photographic prints -- post cards

 throw pillows -- studio pouches  -- lap top sleeves -- iPhone Cases and Skins

Samsung Galaxy Cases and Skins -- iPad Cases and Skins --

coffee mugs -- clocks

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Take a look at our new "BEST FRIENDS-Ghost and Homer" calendar which can be configured
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Imagine your two-legged or four-legged family in the greeting card below.  We will custom design a greeting card, coffee mug, or tote bag for you with your favorite photograph on it.

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